JFK and the Reagan Revolution

Full Name
JFK and the Reagan Revolution: A Secret History of American Prosperity

An account of the fascinating, suppressed history of how JFK pioneered supply-side economics, it contains a revealing look at one of the most important yet least understood episodes in American economic history. It involves the revelation of how JFK assembled Keynesian advisors, only to reject their plans for loose money and big spending, while he embraced non-Keynesian ideas to opt for tax cuts and recommit to the gold standard. The authors make a convincing case that the solutions needed to solve the long economic stagnation are once again the free-market principles of limited government, low tax rates, and a strong dollar.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Stormy Weather
Chapter 2: Path to Power
Chapter 3: Advisers
Chapter 4: A Keynesian First Year
Chapter 5: A Turning Point
Chapter 6: JFK the Tax-Cutter Finds Himself
Chapter 7: The Push Begins
Chapter 8: The Civil Rights Connection
Chapter 9: Bill's Passage
Chapter 10: Regression
Chapter 11: A New Camelot
Chapter 12: The Reagan Revolution
Epilogue: The Task Ahead
Appendix: Marginal and Corporate Tax Rates Before and After the Revenue Act of 1964