Investor's Edge®

The Investor's Edge® is a contrarian investment advisory newsletter that equips readers with the latest information so that they can feel more in tune with what really moves the markets. This premium service is perfect for wealth builders who like to invest in the sweeping trends that define the future. With Investor's Edge®, readers can see the results of 20 years of investing success in Joseph Shaefer’s Growth and Value portfolio as well as his best current thinking. Use Investor's Edge® to diversify across asset classes, boost your performance, and sleep well at night.

With your Investor’s Edge® subscription, you will get to:

✔ Diversify across asset classes

Diversifying intelligently means creating a series of broad "safety nets" by using different asset classes, some of which are most useful in bull markets, others in bear markets. 

✔ Boost your performance

Non-market-sensitive assets will get you off the up-down, make it-give it back roller coaster ride most investors experience. The foundation of Shaefer's investing pyramid is comprised of assets that are intentionally poorly correlated with the indexes.

✔ Sleep well at night

Sometimes it pays to take a deep breath and step aside from market turmoil using safer approaches than you might at a different time in the market cycle.