Inside the Income Factory

The Income Factory concentrates relentlessly on building income through reinvesting and compounding. Now, this premium service is designed for investors who would like a more up-close-and-personal engagement with the Income Factory community. You will have exclusive access to the research and select candidates for various model portfolios. Members see the growth even faster when market prices are down or flat than when they are rising. This is because investors can reinvest and compound at bargain prices and higher-than-normal yields.


  • Regular updates of the model Income Factory portfolios:
    1. Aggressive Risk/Reward
    2. Moderate Risk/Reward (“Widow & Orphan”)
    3. “Income Factory Light” 
    4. “Hunker Down for the Crisis
  • Real-time alerts on buys, sells, and other changes on all the model Income Factory portfolios
  • Access to the “Candidate List” of funds and stocks
  • Deeper dives into particular asset classes and fund candidates that may be considered
  • Ability to participate via chat rooms, comments and Q&A sessions on discussions about various funds and stocks on the Candidate List
  • Weekly articles and inter-active discussion on macro-economic, financial and other topics germane to the overall investment outlook and strategy