Gold & Silver Trader

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Gold & Silver Trader is a monthly investment newsletter that targets smaller stocks—miners, explorers, developers and more—that can let you leverage the power of the next precious metals bull market. Editor Sean Brodrick, a natural resources analyst with over 25 years of experience on small-cap values in the natural resource sector, gives full access to his powerful Gold X strategy. It aims to give investors the potential to possibly gain triple- and quadruple-digit gains of 2,000% or even higher.

Upon subscription to Gold & Silver Trader, you'll receive:

  • VIP Benefit #1: Sean’s special report, 3 Gold X Trades For 250% Gains
  • VIP Benefit #2: 12 months full access to Gold & Silver Trader, 1 new Gold X trade every week
  • VIP Benefit #3: Special Members-Only Flash Updates
  • VIP Benefit #4: Exclusive Concierge Service

“I’ve read a lot of newsletters over the years, and never thought I would say this, but I’m up $24,000 in 4 months. Wow!”

—Steven T, from Riverside IL

“Hand downs, these were the most profitable trades that I’ve made in 2 years! Most of those trades were up at least 100%, 200%, 300%. Good timing! Looking forward to a profitable year and thanks again for your on-going updates.”

—Gary B. from Arkansas

“Sean, I’m so glad you said to take our gains. Total gain: $19,071. A whopping average of 391.5%!!! Thank you!”

—Madeline C. from Atlanta