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Frictionless: Why the Future of Everything Will Be Fast, Fluid, and Made Just for You

Frictionless is an essential guidebook that describes the new rules of entrepreneurship and business, based on the insights of dozens of startup founders, experts and scholars on entrepreneurship. With lessons that provides readers with a wide-ranging education in starting companies that thrive in the world of frictionless commerce, it also contains new technologies, a mindset, and new demands from millennial consumers. This book outlines the groundwork necessary for getting a company up-and-running, and explains how companies make and market products and services while meeting the demands of their customers and employees today.

“With more nonprofits looking to other sectors for best practices in engaging and mobilizing constituents, particularly through the use of available and new technologies, there is no book more timely or relevant than Frictionless. Christiane has gathered opinions from some of the best thinkers, from whom we all could learn a lesson or two on dissolving the barriers between people and their passions.”

—Christy Turlington Burns, Founder, Every Mother Counts

“In the world of fashion and retail, the more we reduce the friction from every aspect of our business, the easier it becomes to delight and engages our customers. Anyone looking to advance business, disrupt incumbents or reshape industries should read Christiane’s book. She has helped me by gathering the opinions of other entrepreneurs and experts.”

—Clare Vivier, Founder, Clare V

Frictionless is a creative user’s manual for the postvirus world, a way forward that is smarter, faster, and more nimble. Christiane Lemieux is a wayfinder, and this book may show the direction for the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs.”

—Michael Cannell, Author, A Brotherhood Betrayed: The Man Behind the Rise and Fall of Murder, Inc.

“Anyone looking to advance their business, disrupt incumbents, or reshape industries should read Christiane’s book. She has gathered the opinions of an erudite cohort doing just that.”

—Anjali Kumar, Founding general counsel and Head, Social Innovation at Warby Parker

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 What Do We Mean by Frictionless?
Chapter 2 My Journey Toward Frictionlessness
Chapter 3 The Frictionless Elephants: Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google
Chapter 4 A Frictionless Experience
    The End of the Line Eric Kinariwala, Founder and CEO of Capsule
    The One-Click Move David Greenberg, Founder and CEO of Updater
    Project Body Hair Georgina Gooley, Cofounder of Billie
    The Most Comfortable Pair of Sweatpants Ever Made Joe Kudla, Founder and CEO of vuori
    Getting Personal Arnaud Plas, Cofounder and CEO of Prose
    Men Have Skin and Feelings Too Nick Allen Dave Skaff, Cofounders of Geologie
    When Your Best Customers are "Potheads" Robert Wang, Founder and CEO of Instant Brands
    We've Got You Covered Jennifer Fitzgerald François de Lame, Cofounders of Policygenius
    Schooled by the Machine Max Bennett Fayez Mohamood Mahmoud Arram, Cofounders of Bluecore
Chapter 5 Frictionless Competition
    Everybody Wins, Including Your Dog Brett Podolsky Jonathan Regev, Cofounders of the Farmer's Dog
    The Four Seasons of Coworking Ryan Simonetti, Cofounder and CEO of Convene
    Start Your Startup Here Emily Heyward, Cofounder of Red Antler
    Disrupting Insurance the Artist's Way Dave Hanley, Founder and CEO of Tomorrow
    Decadent and Healthy Justin Woolverton, Founder of Halo Top Creamery
    How to Ace "The Walgreens Test" Andrew Dudum, Founder and CEO of Hims
Chapter 6 Frictionless Organizations
    The Organization is the Product Ari Buchalter, CEO of Intersection
    What Office? Andrea Breanna, Founder and CEO of Rebelmouse
    The Power of the Pivot Chris Kemper, Founder and CEO of Palmetto
    The Frictionless Fit Andy Dunn, Cofounder and CEO of Bonobos, Former SVP of Digital Brands, Walmart Ecommerce
Chapter 7 The Frictionless YOU
    The Courage to Learn Heidi Neck, Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies, Babson College
    The CEO of Living Forever Gil Blander, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Insidetracker
    Go with Your Gut Dr. Erika Ebbel Angle, Cofounder and CEO of Ixcela
    The Business of Orgasm Alexandra Fine, Cofounder and CEO of Dame Products
    One Penny at a Time Brandon Krieg, Cofounder and CEO of Stash
Chapter 8 Frictionless Systems
    Can I Put it on My Spaceship? Matt Barnard, Cofounder and CEO of Plenty
    Eating Our Way Out of this Mess Brent Preston Gillian Flies, Cofounders of the New Farm
    Trillion-Dollar Triage Sanjeev Krishnan, Chief Investment Officer of S2G Ventures
    Changing the World from the Bottom Up Jimmy Chen, Founder and CEO of Propel Hannah Calhoon, CoFounder and Managing Director of Blue Ridge Labs
    Designing a Community Mariam Naficy, Founder and CEO of Minted
    Kicking People in the Wallet Patti Greene, Professor Emeritus, Babson College
    We're all Technologists Now Georgie Giner Benardete, CEO of Align17