Dow Theory Letters


Founded by Richard Russell, the Dow Theory Letters is an investing newsletter services that focuses on technical stock market analysis

  • A Leader and Innovator in Technical Stock Market Analysis for over 50 Years! 
  • Founded by Richard Russell
  • Run by Richards team since Richard Passed away
  • Primary trend analysis, investor education and intelligent investing advice.   

How Dow Theory Letters Are Different
  • Believe in “market timing":  Goal to get out at the top and in at the bottom of major, long-term market moves. 
  • Daily: Published daily, an hour after the market closes, at 2 pm, Pacific Standard Time.  
  • Value: Provides the analysis of our entire team to you for one low price.
What You Get
  • Daily market analysis from one of our outstanding columnists 
  • "Richard's Wisdom" -- weekly column of selected past writings of Richard Russell, with commentary from the Dow Theory team relating them to market conditions today
  • The Primary Trend Index (PTI) our proprietary trend indicator 
  • Market data section with everything you need to get a full picture of how the market is evolving