Dow Theory Letters

Dow Theory Letters

Dow Theory Letters
Dow Letters

Founded by Richard Russell, the Dow Theory Letters is an investing newsletter services that focuses on technical stock market analysis

More About Dow Theory Letters

  • A Leader and Innovator in Technical Stock Market Analysis for over 50 Years! 
  • Founded by Richard Russell
  • Run by Richards team since Richard Passed away
  • Primary trend analysis, investor education and intelligent investing advice.   

How Dow Theory Letters Are Different
  • Believe in “market timing":  Goal to get out at the top and in at the bottom of major, long-term market moves. 
  • Daily: Published daily, an hour after the market closes, at 2 pm, Pacific Standard Time.  
  • Value: Provides the analysis of our entire team to you for one low price.
What You Get
  • Daily market analysis from one of our outstanding columnists 
  • "Richard's Wisdom" -- weekly column of selected past writings of Richard Russell, with commentary from the Dow Theory team relating them to market conditions today
  • The Primary Trend Index (PTI) our proprietary trend indicator 
  • Market data section with everything you need to get a full picture of how the market is evolving