Building Wealth with Silver

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Building Wealth with Silver: How to Profit From the Biggest Wealth Transfer in History

With economic transitions happening over centuries, average members of the public have more ways than ever to understand the money process and take appropriate action. Although gold has been a great way to preserve your wealth, silver could actually make you rich too. Silver is a unique wealth building instrument with an intrinsic value like gold; being in the commodity bull cycle since 2000, it is a safe hedge against currency inflation with very low inventories. With insights you get from the first few chapters alone can change your life, you will see why unemployment numbers, along with many other economic figures, are rigged, and how we're being lied to about their true significance.

  • This book will show you exactly how to live and prosper by the new laws of money in the new economy.

  • Thomas Herold will teach you how to build wealth with silver, and why silver is the best investment opportunity right now.

  • Get the facts on silver production and consumption, and all the details behind silver's projected five- to eight-fold increase over the next several years.

  • You will learn how to buy silver at the lowest price. Professional trading techniques that leverage and maximize your profit.

Nine Reasons Why Silver is a Unique Wealth Building Instrument

  1. Silver, like gold, has intrinsic value

  2. Silver has been in a commodity bull cycle since 2000

  3. Silver is a safe hedge against currency inflation

  4. Silver is a security choice during times of financial crisis

  5. Silver is rarer than gold

  6. Silver is used in 90% of all electronics – and its mostly non-renewable

  7. Silver inventories are very low

  8. Silver leasing – the scam will be exposed soon

  9. Silver investment markets are expanding thanks to the Chinese