Bogle On Mutual Funds

Full Name
Bogle On Mutual Funds: New Perspectives For The Intelligent Investor

Bogle on Mutual Funds is a forthright appraisal of the industry written for investors at every level of expertise. Index fund expert John Bogle not only describes the basic principles of smart mutual fund investing, but this volume also probes its finer points and exposes the hype and quirks that often lure investors into making unwise decisions. This meticulous guide offers strategies for building a diversified portfolio that will withstand the markets short-term changes. Bogle advises the reader of the major pitfalls conventional to mutual fund investing.

"Dear Jack: I read your book from cover to cover and enjoyed it immensely. It is honest, sensible, and readable—a very rare combination. Your book is going to be an important one for mutual fund investors for many years to come."

Warren E. Buffett

“No investor can be called “intelligent” who doesn’t understand the principles Bogle articulates in this book. The investor may still decide to try his hand at outperforming the market, but he should know what he’s up against.”