Zappy Zapolin

Zappy Zapolin

Formal First Name
Mike (Zappy)

Mike Zapolin is one of the leading experts in psychedelic and plant-based medicinal therapies and companies. His life mission is to increase accessibility to psychedelic and plant-based compounds through education, research, clinical development, and commercial enterprises. A well-known visionary and futurist, Zappy has been spotting trends for decades such as internet domain names, legal cannabidiol and cannabis, and now the booming psychedelic economy.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • Zapolin became the youngest Vice President in the history of Bear Stearns at age 23.
  • He purchased and sold multiple domain names for up to 8,650% returns during the early days of the internet.
  • Playboy Magazine called him “The Man Who Wants to Change the World with Psychedelics.”
  • As the director behind the acclaimed documentary, The Reality of Truth, he won the Amsterdam Film Festival’s Van Gogh Award for Documentary Directing.


  • Zapolin is confident that if society can use psychedelic catalysts like ketamine to quickly and safely break the patterns of depression, anxiety, addiction, PTSD, and other mental health issues, life will be better for everyone.
  • He is often called on as a “psychedelic concierge to the stars” to help celebrities, thought leaders, and business icons have a conscious transformation. 
  • He has made two documentaries on the healing power of psychedelics and invested in early-stage medical psychedelic companies for gains up to 1,000%.


  • Zapolin founded the Mind Army social movement, which is fighting for the legalization of psychedelics via an Executive Order.
  • He co-founded The Ketamine Fund, which has already provided more than 500 free ketamine treatments to veterans suffering from PTSD or those having suicidal ideations. 
  • He co-founded KetaMD, a telemedicine platform that provides affordable and life-changing at-home medical ketamine treatments.
  • He is the visionary behind such internet brands as,,,,, and
  • He is the creator of the Harvard Business School elective "ebusiness-school"."