Tony Deden

Tony Deden

Formal First Name
Anthony (Tony)
1957 - present

Tony Deden is the Executive Chairman of Edelweiss Holdings, a Bermuda-based privately-held investment holding company. Following a phenomenal track record, he transformed Edelweiss into an investment holding company in 2015, boasting over $300 million in assets and holdings that vary from branded dairy products to a fragrance company and a salmon farm. With an emphasis on the safety of capital, Deden has structured Edelweiss to endure any type of economic situation. The company has a strong track record of performance, generating an average annualized return of over 15% since its inception. Since 1985, he has been in private practice as an investment counselor to families. He served as counselor to private families at Sage Capital Zürich AG.

Professional Experience


  • Scarcity. Edelweiss focuses on investing in businesses with unique or scarce assets, competitive advantages, and strong long-term growth prospects.

  • Endurance. The company takes a long-term investment approach, holding onto its investments for an average of 7 years.

  • Independence. Edelweiss is self-managed and independent of any external influences, allowing it to make investment decisions based solely on its own analysis and conviction.


  • Accumulated savings are precious.

  • In order to protect wealth, you must first respect it.

  • Throughout time, it has been difficult to preserve wealth in the form of money.



  • Deden got into the wealth management industry by accident. In 1985, he was asked to manage the monetary affairs of a family where the lead earning member had passed away.

  • He served as a counselor to private families for the first half of his career.