Tim Seymour

Tim Seymour

Formal First Name
Timothy (Tim)
5/6/1966 - present

Timothy Seymour is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Seymour Asset Management. With more than 25 years of experience in global and emerging markets, he has been a hedge fund manager, portfolio manager and allocator across multiple asset classes. He has invested through the major booms and busts that have unfolded in the Emerging Market asset class over that time. Today, Seymour is most recognized within the investment community as a trader and market strategist on CNBC.

Professional Experience

Academic History



  • Seymour has been a primary investor voice on CNBC’s Fast Money for over 15 years.
  • He is frequently cited as one of the top finance professionals on Twitter, including The Wall Street Journal’s “Top Tweets For Your Money.”
  • He is a regular commentator on CNBC, Bloomberg and CNN, speaking on developments in Russia's capital markets.


  • Seymour started his career at UBS, where he focused on international macro.
  • He acts in an advisory capacity to multiple cannabis companies.