Tim Broekmans

Tim Broekmans

Formal First Name

Tim Broekmans is the Founder and CEO of, a cryptocurrency news platform and community, and Founder of TradersLab, a provider of live market data tools, technical analysis, and trading strategies. Brokemans is a marketer and crypto researcher responsible for marketing and all crypto-related projects for both TradePremium and TradersLab. Since 2015, he has been passionate about in-depth research in crypto and blockchain projects. He is an expert and enthusiast in the field of trading, fundamental research and crypto cycle trading. In addition, he serves as a coach and lead researcher at Satoshi Consultancy, an interactive training company, where he covers various topics such as cycle trading, fundamental analysis, low-cap spotting, on-chain data and money flows.

Professional Experience


  • TradePremium is a community of crypto enthusiasts, blockchain technology suppoters and investors providing a reliable source of information and knowledge for members.

  • In addition to their website, they have a Dutch-speaking community on Facebook and Telegram where they analyze articles together.

  • His expertise lies mainly in fundamentally assessing potentially successful projects, combining his fundamental insight with on-chain data and exchange flows.