Seth Goldstein

Seth Goldstein

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Seth Goldstein is the Founder of Bright Moments, a digital art gallery and on-chain DAO that specializes in in-person NFT minting experiences and crypto art communities worldwide. He leads Bright Moments in pioneering the creation of live IRL minting experiences while working with generative and AI artists to help them produce iconic real-world experiences of their art. Goldstein is a serial entrepreneur and digital art collector who has consistently been at the forefront of technological innovation. He is a rising star in the NFT and DAO communities and a visionary leader who is helping to shape the future of art and technology. Over the past twenty years, he has created a number of pioneering companies, including SiteSpecific which was one of the first Internet advertising companies, and alt data pioneer Majestic Research.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • Activated CryptoCitizen communities in LA, New York, Berlin, London, Mexico City, and Tokyo.

  • Worked with generative and AI artists to create iconic real-world experiences of their art.

  • Developed a unique minting process that allows CryptoCitizens to mint their NFTs in person at Bright Moments events.

  • Launched a DAO that allows CryptoCitizens to have a say in all major decisions of the project.

  • Partnered with other NFT projects and DAOs to cross-promote and collaborate.


  • Goldstein is the CEO and Co-Founder of SPARTACUS, a tech company that was established to help you take control of your data and privacy online.

  • He was Director and Co-Chair of the Social Media Committee at Internet Advertising Bureau, where he developed and expanded user-generated content.

  • He was the Co-Founder of Majestic Research, which pioneered the use of non-traditional, internet data for Wall Street Research.

  • He also served as the Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Flatiron Partners, where he helped articulate a vision around the emerging world of pervasive computing.


  • He has been featured or interviewed in various leading financial media outlets and publications.

  • He appeared as a guest in the 2023 Real Vision Festival of Learning.