Seth Ginns

Seth Ginns

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Seth Ginns is a Managing Partner, Head of Liquid Investments, and a key member of the Venture Investment Committee at CoinFund, a cryptoasset-focused investment firm. In his roles, he focuses on liquid investment strategies in digital assets and the convergence of crypto and traditional equities markets. Seth has 20 years of Wall Street experience and has been deeply involved in the cryptocurrency community since his angel investment in Coinbase in 2012. His expertise and network span from the earliest stage startups to the largest public companies, and from the cutting edge of innovation to more traditional industries. Prior to CoinFund, Seth had a distinguished 18-year career as Managing Director at Jennison Associates, one of the largest New York-based asset managers. There, he invested across consumer, healthcare, and cyclical companies as a Managing Director on the Large Cap Growth team.

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  • Seth was among the first to invest in Coinbase, Bitcoin, and Ethereum, ultimately driving his full-time involvement in the crypto industry.

  • He is also an angel in Starkware, Chainalysis, participated in the Ethereum ICO in 2014.

  • His angel portfolio also includes Instacart, BillionToOne and DoorDash, and many earlier stage, high growth startups.