Sean McLintock

Sean McLintock

Formal First Name

Sean McLintock is the Founding Partner of Neo Kuma Ventures, a UK-based venture capital at the forefront of the psychedelic healthcare sector. At Neo Kuma, Sean helps the firm invest across drug development, clinics and services, and the infrastructure that supports them. Prior to Neo Kuma, Sean trained as a lawyer in South Africa, and then later in Utrecht in the Netherlands. He also worked at Andela, a high-growth technology startup backed by Google Ventures, where he built engineering teams and helped companies scale. Sean has extensive experience in deep wealth planning, trade finance and family office. In addition, he is the Founder of ThreeDots, a CBD beverage company in the UK.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • Sean was a consultant of executive strategy at Daisy Business Solutions, where he developed centralized and automated corporate services.

  • At Daisy Business, he also specialized in end-to-end solutions primarily in the finance, office equipment, IT infrastrcuture, and security.

  • At Andela, he handled the firm's Cairo office, where he was involved in the recruitment of software developers and the creation of company culture.