Ronnie Stoeferle

Ronnie Stoeferle

Formal First Name
Ronald (Ronnie)
1980 - present

Ronnie Stoeferle is Managing Director, Managing Partner, and Fund Manager at Incrementum AG, a Liechtenstein-based asset management company. In these roles, he is responsible for the firm’s research and portfolio management, and manages a fund that invests based on the principles of the Austrian School of Economics. Ronnie is one of the world's foremost experts on gold. Since 2007, he has written the annual “In Gold We Trust report,” now considered the industry standard publication on gold, money, and inflation. These reports drew international coverage on CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, and the Financial Times, and are read all over the world. He is also a member of the board of Tudor Gold, a Canadian exploration company with projects in the legendary Golden Triangle, British Columbia, and an advisor to Matterhorn Asset Management, a global leader in asset preservation in the form of physical gold stored outside the banking system.

Professional Experience

Academic History



  • In 2006, he joined Erste Group Bank in Vienna, where he worked as an analyst for international equities with a focus on Asia.

  • He worked in the research department of Erste Group, where he started writing about gold in 2006.

  • Between 2007 and 2012, he was also responsible for the analysis of the oil and gas sector. 

  • He was also responsible for the stock selection and management of two gold stock baskets and one silver stock basket.