Richard Smith

Richard Smith

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Doctor of Uncertainty

Dr. Richard Smith has built his remarkable career on mathematics and investment risk. He combines his rich background in uncertainty theory with his personal investing and trading experience to develop web-based services for investors and traders. Over the years, he has researched and developed algorithms and services that provide investors with tools to develop a systematic approach to investing. He is best known as the creator of TradeStops, an algorithmically-based system that helps investors outperform billionaire investors with less risk.

Professional Experience

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  • Dr. Smith discovered that many of the world’s top private investment advisors and traders had been using unique mathematical formulas to determine when to buy and sell with incredible results.
  • He decided to devise his own mathematical formula and after running some numbers on his previous trades, he found out that he could make more money and take less risk, regardless of market performance.
  • Applying his formula to an entire investment portfolio by hand was arduous, so he developed a program to do it automatically, resulting in TradeStops, one of the first online financial technology platforms.



  • Earlier in his career, Dr. Smith has consulted for Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and Merck & Co.
  • Over the years, he has led and exited multiple successful businesses based on his works.
  • His platforms have been used and trusted by tens of thousands of individual investors managing and tracking billions of dollars.
  • He sold his interest in TradeSmith in 2020 at the top of the market
  • He has been involved with the Foundation for the Study of Cycles for more than 10 years and currently serves as its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.



  • Dr. Smith defines a better investment decision as to when you make more money AND take less risk.
  • He believes that investors can beat the markets by taking advantage of technology and behavioral opportunities:
    • Investors naturally seek more risk and reduce risk at the wrong times
    • Helping investors reduce and add risk at the right times can be a huge advantage
    • See Behavior Economics for more details