Richard Brennan

Richard Brennan

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Richard Brennan has been an active trader in the global financial markets since 1985. He is a senior executive with over 35 years of experience and a long-standing track record in the financial services industry as a trader, risk manager, and fund compliance professional. Brennan is the Host of The Algorithmic Advantage, a podcast about quantitative trading and investing. He is also a Managing Director at ATS Group and ATS Trading Solutions, an education provider seeking to upskill the capabilities of the retail trader. He is responsible for all aspects of business operations at ATS Group, and is a content producer at ATS Trading Solutions and also principally involved in the trading program analytics and portfolio compilation of ATS activities.



  • Brennan is a strong advocate for systematic and diversified trading styles that avoid the need for discretionary decision making.

  • He has extensive experience in corporate governance, financial controlling, management accounting, and debt raising.

  • He is knowledgeable in IPOs, reverse mergers, acquisitions, and Australian financial services licensing, among others.