Michael Asher

Michael Asher

Formal First Name

Michael Asher is President and Chief Operating Officer of RFA, a global IT, financial cloud, and cybersecurity provider to the financial services and alternative investment sectors. With a focus on innovation and delivery, Michael drives RFA's industry leading product development initiative, working to keep the firm at the forefront of business transfo transformation and digitisation trends. He extends his responsibilities to maintaining internal and external compliance to ensure accountability to clients and partners alike. Michael held multiple IT management roles prior to joining the RFA team.

Professional Experience

Academic History

  • At RFA, Michael has been instrumental in bringing together and overseeing a team of world class individuals who deliver the best services and solutions.

  • Prior to his current role, he was also Chief Information Officer, Director of Production Services, and Operations Manager at RFA.

  • His areas of expertise include Compliance, Cybersecurity, Strategic Planning, Operations Management, and Business Continu Continu Continu Continu Continuity Management.

  • He is also an expert in the fields of Disaster Recovery Services, Crisis Management, Quality of Service Management, Client Services, and Vendor Management.