Marshall Hayner

Marshall Hayner

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Marshall Hayner is Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Metal, a payments processing platform that pays people cryptocurrency for making transactions on the blockchain. He is a serial entrepreneur and an experienced product-focused CEO with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry. A strong advocate with extensive experience in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries, Marshall is an outspoken proponent of cryptocurrency and the ways it can improve the lives of billions of people. Not only did Marshall start the first Facebook-integrated Bitcoin wallet called QuickCoin in 2014, but he has worked on numerous digital currency projects including Dogecoin, Stellar,, ChangeTip and the Bitcoin Fair. In addition, he is an advocate for social good and has started the Metal Foundation to promote social causes through cryptocurrency.

Professional Experience

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  • Marshall was Chief Marketing Officer of, a company that brings you free payments for the biggest cryptos on Earth.

  • He was the Creator of The Bitcoin Fair, where you can mingle with industry VIPS and the who's who of Bitcoinland.

  • He joined Stellar Development Foundation, where he helped promote the launch of the Stellar Wallet.

  • He has been honored to propose crypto regulations before a Congressional audience and has raised millions in funds for his projects.

  • He has created the Blockchain Engineering Task Force to standardize developments in the industry.

  • He is skilled in corporate development, blockchain tech, viral strategy, social media, SEO, sales, mobile apps, product design, web design, and startups.