Mark Moss

Mark Moss

Formal First Name

Mark Moss has a well-rounded experience in business, securities, bonds, real estate, gold and silver, oil and gas, and technology. He has been traveling all over the world for over 20 years, seeking non-traditional investments and alternative asset classes. He has started, ran, and invested in businesses through 3 different bear market cycles and has fixed, flipped, and developed over $25 million in real estate. As of 2021, Moss has established 7 companies, each of which grew past 7 figures within the first year, including a high-value exit to a Fortune 500 company.

Professional Experience


  • Moss’ investing career started in 1995, buying foreclosed real estate from banks after the 1989-1992 crash
  • He began investing in internet stocks in the mid-1990s.
  • He started his first online business in 2001, at the bottom of the dot-com crash.
  • He learned about technology cycles the hard way, founding an internet-based e-commerce business In 2000, right when the internet boom was going bust.
  • Even with the markets crashing down, he was able to build it into one of the largest sporting good e-commerce sites on the internet in the niche.
  • From the oil and gas fields of Canada, gold and silver mines of Africa and Mexico, to emerging markets like India and Brazil, his comprehensive research has allowed him to keep track of the global pulse, enabling him to jump on many trends at the earliest of stages.
  • His most successful investment ever has been in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.
  • He went all-in on cryptocurrencies in 2015.
  • He launched Block United in 2016, his first online crypto-asset publication which is now known as Signal Profits.
  • He has been researching and recommending long-term buy positions every month since late 2016. His results speak for themselves with portfolio returns averaging 3,542%.


  • Moss’ primary outlet for speaking and teaching is Market Disruptors, his YouTube Channel which he launched in 2017 to discuss the opportunities of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in a non-traditional way. Since then, this channel has grown to cover additional topics related to general investing, success, and mindset
  • He has appeared as a guest on Real Vision.


Between running and consulting business, speaking and managing investments, you will find Moss:

  • surfing big waves from Mexico to Fiji;
  • jumping from Helicopters onto snowy peaks with my snowboard in Canada; or
  • riding dirtbikes in the deserts of Baja Mexico or jungles of Costa Rica.