Mark Grant

Mark Grant

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Mark Grant is the Chief Global Strategist and Managing Director of B. Riley Financial, a leading financial services provider based in Los Angeles. He invests in a diverse portfolio of investment-grade corporate bonds and closed-end funds, including those concentrated in bonds, gold, energy, healthcare, real estate, and high tech. With over 45 years of experience in the capital markets and public finance, Grant advises large financial institutions and works with select high net worth individuals. He seeks to provide steady monthly cash flow and attractive yields in the context of a very low-interest-rate environment.

Professional Experience

Academic History

  • Grant holds Series 7, 24, and 52 securities licenses.
  • He is the author of Out of the Box, a macro commentary currently distributed to approximately 5,000 large financial institutions in 48 countries. 
  • He is on the Canadian Broadcast Company and the Chinese Public Broadcast Company networks regularly.
  • He is a regular guest on CNBC for more than 23 years.