Mariano Conti

Mariano Conti

Formal First Name

Mariano Conti is an angel investor, advisor and developer to Ethereum, DeFi and NFT projects. He was Head of Smart Contracts at MakerDAO, one of the most successful decentralized applications on Ethereum. He is a pillar in crypto space, known for revolutionizing smart contracts with Maker, where he developed the Dai Stablecoin System and the Dai Credit System. He has built a long resume of building and investing in key projects – from infrastructure to user interfaces and price feed keepers. He aims to show how Ethereum’s DeFi movement has been working fine for the last 2 years, by leveraging Dai and secondary lending platforms, and how that is changing the financial reality for people in developing economies.

Professional Experience


  • Mariano was a Developer at DappHub, a decentralized applications R&D firm specializing in the Ethereum technology stack.

  • He was a Development Manager at Connaxis, where he worked on resource management, application development and new technologies.

  • He was a Systems Administrator for Vet Promotion and, and a Programmer of Mar Systems.


  • Advisory Board Member, DeFi Capital


  • Mariano has appeared as a guest on Real Vision.


  • MakerDAO

  • EPNS

  • Reality Cards

  • Blocknative

  • Razor

  • Zapper

  • Saddle

  • Element Finance

  • The Defiant

  • Fei

  • Reflexer

  • Myco

  • Slingshot

  • Epic Aerospace

  • Boot Node

  • Gro

  • Fractional

  • Centrifuge

  • Tienda Dolar

  • PawnFi

  • Opolis

  • Sherlock


  • SmartDefi

  • Nifty Island

  • BlockArt

  • Vesto

  • B Protocol

  • NFT Tech

  • LIDO

  • Spectral

  • Connext

  • Yield

  • Gelato

  • Unlock

  • Tracer

  • Obol Network

  • Hyype

  • POAP

  • Multis

  • Vesta Finance

  • nfty chat