Founding Date

Zapper is a global fintech company that provides seamless all-in-one mobile payments, vouchering and loyalty services. A platform that manages all DeFi assets from one simple interface, Zapper enables merchants to use data-driven insights to better engage their customers, build superior relationships and grow their businesses. It acts as a Web3 explorer that enables users to track assets across Web3, allowing them to connect the dots and make better decisions informed by reliable data. The platform levels the playing field for decentralized finance newcomers and the most advanced investors by providing shortcuts to enter DeFi lending, automated yield farming, and liquidity provisions. Zapper’s reach extends across international borders including South Africa, the UK, USA and Europe, allowing for successful transacting across all major currencies.


  • Browse 260+ DeFi & web3 apps and their products

  • Discover and analyze DAOs (including full breakdowns of their treasures, members and portfolios)

  • Follow investors and track their holdings and activities on-chain

  • Explore and display NFTs with native rarity scores and price estimates

  • Track your portfolio and have a complete overview of your asset