Luke Brindle

Luke Brindle

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Luke Brindle is Head of Automated Trading Strategies at Quantfury, a global brokerage offering commission-free trading and investing. He is a trading industry veteran with 20 years of experience in the asset management space. Over the course of his career, Brindle has developed and managed quantitative trading of equity and index options in Frankfurt, London, Chicago, and New York. He has successfully developed and ran independent volatility trading groups in Chicago and New York, concentrating on relative value volatility with a long option bias.


  • Brindle was originally trained in fixed income options trading on the London International Financial Futures and options Exchange in London
  • He began his trading career with BNP Cooper Neff in London in 1996.
  • He transferred to BNP Frankfurt to work in the bank’s European Equity Derivatives division.
  • He returned to London in 2000 to work for a large US Prop Trading group.
    • After two years of trading German and UK-listed equity options, he moved to the United States to aid with the group’s migration to electronic options trading.
    • He ran the US vs European derivatives trading book in Chicago, with strategies including cross-border individual equity and sector arbitrage, dispersion trading, and ADR arbitrage.
    • He introduced self-developed volatility surface algorithms to the group and was responsible for developing automated trading tools and engineering pricing models for use within the group's in-house trading systems.
  • Since 2004, he has developed and managed independent proprietary trading groups and hedge funds, with a focus on designing and developing automated research and analysis tools and trading strategies and software.