Ken Grant

Ken Grant

Formal First Name
Kenneth (Ken)

Ken Grant is the Founder of General Risk Advisors. A pioneer in the field of risk management, he is dedicated to advancing this vital aspect of operating the global capital market. Grant introduced some of the first risk-based programs ever used in a practical setting at a number of global derivatives exchanges and numerous buy-side firms. In addition, he invented the first risk-based capital allocation framework for multi-strategy hedge funds. Grant is also a respectable author and thought-leader that offers a refined view of the market and its future direction.

Professional Experience

Academic History

The 10 Commandments of Risk Management by Ken Grant

I.  Establish/Understand Market Participation Objectives.

II.  Establish an Investment Approach that is Consistent with Commandment I Outcomes.

III.  Establish Financial Objectives and Constraints.

IV.  Stick to Your Methodology.

V.  Understand the Profitability Dynamics of Your Portfolio

VI.  Understand the Volatility Dynamics of Your Portfolio.

VII.  You Are Able to Risk More When You’re Up than When You’re Down.

VIII.  Set Targets for All Individual Positions/Themes and Stick to Them.

IX.  Fear Not Options, Including Their Short Sale. 

X.  Obey the 10 Commandments