General Risk Advisors

General Risk Advisors

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General Risk Advisors is a boutique risk consulting firm that offers low-cost solutions to investment managers. It offers customized combinations of data management, interpretation, articulation, benchmarking, risk analytics, and other related processes for better risk management. GRA focuses only on areas of need and opportunity and seeks to offer net value to all clients.


Risk Reporting and Advisory

  • Daily production and monitoring of the following:
    • P&L Analysis
    • Exposure Summary
    • Value at Risk and Stress Testing
    • Factor Sensitivities Analysis
    • Liquidity Analysis
    • Dashboard Compilation
  • Company managed interaction with risk-takers, investors, and regulators
  • Routine written communications as to risk trends and issues as they arise

Risk Audits and Assessments

  • Risk and Control audits and assessments for internal or external reporting
  • Formal reporting of findings and recommendations

System and Database Capabilities

  • Design and implementation of risk analytics platforms
  • Database development and maintenance
  • Data sourcing and aggregation automation capabilities