John Templeton

John Templeton

Formal First Name
Sir John (John)
1912 - 2008

As both a legendary investor and groundbreaking philanthropist, Sir John Templeton dedicated his lifetime to open-mindedness. He embarked on his Wall Street career in 1938, when he began launching some of the world’s most successful international investment funds. In 1954, he established the Templeton Growth Fund, which pioneered the use of globally diversified mutual funds. Templeton was hailed as “arguably the greatest global stock picker of the century.” Just as remarkable as Templeton’s financial career was his dedication to progress and philanthropy. Known as a contrarian investor, he was also a fierce optimist and relentless questioner in his personal life.

John Templeton 1930s Stock Buying
  • The price of stocks was depressed during the great depression (there was much fear)
  • John knew that stock prices were cheap across the board and would eventually go up
  • John ended up buying any US stock that was cheaper than $1

John Templeton demonstrated an unmatch 300% return from 1939 to 1493.

Over the course of 38 years, from 1954 to 1992, he generated 15% CAGR total returns for Templeton Growth Fund.