Templeton Growth Fund

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Templeton Growth Fund seeks long-term capital appreciation by investing largely in the equity securities of companies located anywhere in the world, including developing markets. It also focuses on fixed-income securities issued by governments or companies around the world. The fund may invest, in any country or industry, in any proportion. The fund’s Series A (Hedged) seeks to minimize the impact of currency fluctuations.

As of February 21, 2020, the fund has assets totaling almost $11.15 billion invested in 77 different holdings. Its portfolio consists primarily of large-company stocks, with the greatest concentration of holdings based in North America and developed Europe.

This is a granddaddy among mutual funds, having been founded in 1954. The fund’s benchmark is the MSCI World index, which is representative of global stock markets. The index was established on Jan. 1, 1970, so the fund tracks its relative performance as of that date.

Stock selection methodologies have remained consistent throughout the fund’s lifetime. Since inception, the average yearly total return is 12.28 percent, after-sales charges as of February 2015.