John Murphy

John Murphy

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1952 - present

John J. Murphy is the face and Chief Technical Analyst at, an award-winning charting website, where he publishes his market views. Murphy has over 40 years of market experience. A former technical analyst for CNBC, his market approach bridges the gap between economic, fundamental, and technical analyses. He applies charting tools, with a strong emphasis on relative strength analysis, to ETFs to implement global asset allocation and sector rotation strategies. Murphy’s books on intermarket analysis created a new branch of market analysis emphasizing global linkages. His book Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets is regarded as the standard reference in the field, and in Intermarket Technical Analysis, he pioneered a branch of technical analysis emphasizing interrelationships between various financial markets. In addition to two previous books on intermarket analysis, he also authored two editions of The Visual Investor, all of which are published by Wiley.


  • In 1992, Murphy was given the first award for outstanding contribution to global technical analysis by the International Federation of Technical Analysts.

  • He received a lifetime achievement award from the same organization in 2014.

  • He is a recipient of the Market Technicians Annual Award.


  • Murphy has appeared on major financial television programs such as CNN Moneyline, Nightly Business Report, FOX, and Bloomberg TV.

  • He has been quoted in leading financial newspapers and magazines, including Barron's and Stocks & Commodities magazine, which described his intermarket work as "unparalleled."

  • He has also been widely quoted in several other media outlets.