Joe Zhao

Joe Zhao

Formal First Name

Joe Zhao is the Founder and Partner at Millennia Capital, a private equity firm focused on early and growth stage venture capital direct and fund investments across fintech and blockchain, enterprise software, and internet marketplaces. He was a Growth Equity Principal at InvestX, where had experience in contributing new fund deal sourcing and broader investment activities, including underwriting and portfolio monitoring. Prior to joining InvestX, he was an investment professional at a New York-based family office covering growth and late-stage investments in fintech and enterprise tech, as well as fund investments. Earlier in his career, Joe worked as an economist in equity and debt markets at the Federal Reserve in the New York and DC offices. In addition, he is a member of the World Economic Forum.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • Joe was a management consultant for Ernst & Young, where he worked on strategy and operations consulting for banks and financial institutions.

  • He was a markets & policy economist at IMF, focusing on emerging markets with country assignments in Afghanistan and Malaysia.

  • As an economist at the Fed, he worked on monetary policy, rates, fixed income, equity markets, private markets, global macro, and asset allocation.

  • At the Fed, he also worked on open market operations, treasury & MBS purchases, discount window, and bank stress testing.

  • Joe also worked as an assistant to Paul Volcker, a former Fed Chairman.


  • Joe has appeared as a guest on Real Vision.