Jimmy Mengel

Jimmy Mengel

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Jimmy Mengel is an Investment Director at Angel Publishing and Managing Editor of the Outsider Club, where he’s brought readers the story behind the mainstream financial news each day. He has been on the forefront of the cannabis investing circuit since 2014—long before it became a hot topic for its exceptional potential in the industry. Jimmy’s focus is on easy and low-cost, long-term retirement investing, income streams and dividend reinvestment plans. He has also visited countless growing operations, given speeches to Silicon Valley and interviewed the top CEOs in the business.

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  • Jimmy Mengel also runs the financial advisory The Crow's Nest, an easy-to-follow program that will help secure your finances, grow what you have and allow you to retire comfortably.
  • His writing has been featured on Outsider Club, Wealth Wire, Health Wire, Green Chip Stocks, and Healthier Talk.
  • He is a frequent guest on CNBC and has been featured in the Christian Science Monitor regarding congressional food safety law.
  • Jimmy’s passions include government malfeasance, civil liberties, natural health and the area where politics and finance collide.