James Clear

James Clear

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James Clear is a highly regarded personal development expert and bestselling author who writes about the use of behavioral psychology in building better habits and mastering mental and physical performance. He has taught more than 10,000 leaders, managers, coaches, and teachers how to improve. His entertaining talks teach audiences about small habits, decision-making, and continuous improvement. He also helps millions of visitors each month through his website and hundreds of thousands subscribe through his popular newsletter.


  • Clear tries out the concepts for himself as he experiments with building better habits as an entrepreneur, writer, and weightlifter.
  • His talks are one-part storytelling, one-part academic research, and one-part personal experiment, forming a colorful blend of inspirational stories, academic science, and hard-earned wisdom.
  • His work has been used by teams in the NFL, NBA, and MLB. 


  • Clear writes at, where he shares ideas about using behavior science to improve your performance and master your habits. 
  • His thought leadership regularly appears in the New York Times, Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Medium, and Time.
  • He is a regular guest for CBS This Morning. 
  • His writing has been featured by TIME, Entrepreneur Magazine, Business Insider, and dozens of major media outlets.
  • He is a regular speaker at Fortune 500 companies.


  • Clear is a former ESPN Academic All-American baseball pitcher.
  • He has done travel photography work in more than 20 countries.