Elliot Trexler

Elliot Trexler

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Elliot Trexler is the President and Chief Investment Officer of Global Return Asset Management. He is responsible for overseeing all investment analysis, risk management, and portfolio management. In addition, he authors whitepapers on a range of topics, including investment analysis, risk management, the psychology of investing, and ESG factors. Trexler has over 15 years of extensive experience in investment analysis. He also hosts the Author Series symposium where he interviews authors of business and investing books.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • Trexler began his career as an analyst for a real estate development and investment company.
  • As a member of the United Nations PRI Committee, Hedge Funds Strategy Group, he assisted in creating the Hedge Fund industry guidelines for incorporating ESG factors into the investment process. 

  • Trexler is a lifelong volunteer and has served on numerous nonprofit boards, including a $550 million dollar foundation.
  • He was the youngest member ever on the board of directors for United Way of Central Indiana.
  • He was a finalist for the “Governor’s Award for Tomorrow’s Leaders” for the State of Indiana