Urvin AI

Founding Date

Urvin AI is a technology-driven firm that bridges the gap between data scientists and executives, helping companies realize meaningful value from their data through AI. Urvin combines an agency service model with a stack of mature AI products and IP to create solutions for organizations struggling to understand how AI fits into their businesses. The company specializes in natural-language understanding and deep learning, with particular focus on financial services, automotive, aerospace and healthcare.


  • AI Workshops — Urvin's workshop model is the foundation of the company's solution-centric approach to AI.

  • AI Security — Assures your AI applications, machine learning solutions and their APIs are suitable, trustworthy, private, and secure.

  • AI Risk Management — Saves clients' years of efforts and cost with the company's assessments.

  • Custom Solutions — Delivers POCs and MVPs to full-scale production deployments.