Christopher Calicott

Christopher Calicott

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Christopher Calicott is a Founding Partner and Managing Director at Trammell Venture Partners, a venture capital firm focused on investing in high-tech seed- and early-stage companies. He led the development of the TVP Bitcoin Venture Fund, the venture capital industry’s first investment fund series dedicated exclusively to backing founders building on the Bitcoin protocol stack. Calicott has extensive tech background, with expertise in disruptive data analytics, machine intelligence, and multi-sided platform strategies, business development, and early-stage company growth mechanics. He serves as an advisor and mentor to early-stage founders and a coach to a number of accelerator programs and startups, and has allocated to and managed venture investments in a number of sectors within the digital asset space. Calicott is an investor in Bitcoin companies such as Unchained Capital, Zebedee, Fedimint, and Galoy. He also led investment rounds in Impervious and Voltage.

Professional Experience

Academic History



  • Calicott was a financial services committee chair at Texas Blockchain Council, and co-chair at Texas Work Group on Blockchain Matters.

  • At EarlySage, he was immersed in a general management curriculum.

  • He was also an advisory board member at The Austin Forum on Technology & Society.

  • He has extensive experience in liquidity service provision, custody, credit markets, consumer-grade protocol and application infrastructure. 

  • He has also been involved in gaming and novel Bitcoin-native financial products and services.

  • He has a multi-year background as a small business entrepreneur, having worked primarily around information tech consulting.