Brett Winton

Brett Winton

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Brett Winton is the Director of Research at ARK Investment Management, a global asset manager headquartered in New York City. He is responsible for guiding and managing the firm’s proprietary research efforts. Before joining ARK in 2014, Winton worked on the Research on Strategic Change Team of AllianceBernstein, an asset management firm providing research and investment solutions to global investors. In this prior role, he conducted thematic research and advised portfolio managers across asset classes.


  • Global Energy in the Face of Carbon Dioxide Regulation
  • Social Media and the Rise of Facebook
  • The Reformation of the Financial Services Landscape
  • The Emergence of Electric Vehicles


  • Winton worked in business development in the Radio-Frequency Identification industry after serving as a founding teacher at a charter high school in Los Angeles
  • He has worked alongside Cathie Wood for almost 15 years since their time at AllianceBernstein