Austin Federa

Austin Federa

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Austin Federa is the Head of Strategy at the Solana Foundation, responsible for setting the direction of the Foundation and working with projects and developers building in the Solana ecosystem. Prior to his current role, he was Solana Foundation's Head of Communications, working across communications, marketing, strategy, and product. Federa is also the host of the Validated podcast, a re-launched podcast focused on expanding discussions with Web3 industry leaders. Each episode, he tackles some of the biggest questions people have about the world of Web3, including NFTs, DeFi, decentralized governance, games, and more. Previously, Federa served as the Senior Product Marketing Manager at Bison Trails, which was acquired by Coinbase. He also served as Director of Marketing at Republic, a financial technology company that specializes in investment-related services in the private markets.

Professional Experience

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  • Federa was a senior advisor and lead of operations and infrastructure for Jake Woodford's successful mayoral campaign in Appleton, Wisconsin.

  • He was Director of Marketing and Growth at FarmTogether, a fintech platform that makes it easy for everyone to invest in U.S. farmland.

  • At Republic, he designed and implemented growth strategy for Republic and Republic Crypto, and directed PR, conferences, and media for the company.

  • He served as a Digital and Community Manager for Superpedestrian, responsible for managing the company's social media and managing marketing projects.

  • Earlier in his career, he was a Social Media Editor for the Boston Globe, working as a manager of content deployment across all Boston Globe social networks.