Arnold Van Den Berg

Arnold Van Den Berg

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Arnold Van Der Berg founded Century Management in 1974. He is currently the company's CEO. While he has no formal college education, his rigorous self-study, tremendous dedication, and years of industry experience are the foundation of his extensive market knowledge. He began in the industry working for several financial services companies. However, he quickly found that he didn’t always agree with leadership and he wanted to be in a business that he loved at a place that he believed in. Wanting to make his own decisions, Van Der Berg formed Century Management.

Arnold Van Der Berg's accomplishments in the world of investing have been recognized by many:

  • Included in The Great Minds of Investing, Profiles by William Green, Photographs by Michael O’Brien
  • Featured in The World's 99 Greatest Investors: The Secret of Success by Magnus Angenfelt, 2013 (pp 226-227)
  • Included on the list of "SuperInvestors" on the Graham and Doddsville blog
  • Featured on the list of investment gurus on

He was interviewed, quoted and referenced by numerous publications such as: