Andrew Henderson

Andrew Henderson

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Andrew Henderson is the Founder of Nomad Capitalist. He is a serial entrepreneur who has spent more than a decade traveling to over 100 countries with the primary mission to help entrepreneurs, investors, and digital nomads implement offshore strategies in their businesses so they can reduce their taxes and keep more of their own money. Henderson seeks to find the best places to live and become a global entrepreneur and citizen of the world. He describes himself as "a border security nightmare who travels from country to country to cherry-pick the best economics."


  • Born and raised in the United States, Henderson dropped out of Arizona State University to launch his own business and start traveling a little.
  • Within a few years, he had his business running on autopilot and he was traveling at least half the time.
  • After establishing four businesses in the United States, he sold everything and decided to travel around the world.
  • Even though he was spending more than 6 months outside of the country, he was still paying 43% in taxes.
  • He decided to establish Nomad Capitalist and form a remote team from all around the globe.
  • After over a decade of research and experimentation, he is down to a 1% tax rate.
  • He now travels around 15 to 20 countries every year.
  • He has multiple second citizenships and recently went through the process of renouncing his US citizenship.