Alexandre Dreyfus

Alexandre Dreyfus

Formal First Name
Alexandre (Alexandre)

Alexandre Dreyfus is the Chief Executive Officer of, the world's first fan voting and rewards app. He also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Chiliz, a digital currency for sports and entertainment platforms. Dreyfus is a serial entrepreneur widely recognized in the gaming and sports industries. He has been building and maturing tech businesses for more than 25 years.


  • Dreyfus began his career by pioneering web-based interactive tourism guides in the late 1990s starting with Webcity.
  • He subsequently co-founded Winamax, which became one of the largest online poker sites in France.
  • He later founded Mediarex Entertainment and acquired the Global Poker Index and The Hendon Mob in 2013.
  • He then took his digital technology expertise to the burgeoning blockchain space with the creation of Chiliz, which raised over $66 million in funding.
  • He established Socios in 2018, an online platform that allows sports teams to tokenize and monetize their respective fanbases.