Alex Koyfman

Alex Koyfman

Formal First Name

Alex Koyfman has been an active stock trader for almost half of his life. His interest in finance and investing began at an early age—taking advantage of the rapidly developing opportunities online trading gave non-professional investors. After getting his law degree, he turned to trading and investing full time, including an increased focus on both early stage public equity, and startup stage private equity investing. His philosophy of trading isn’t just theoretical, but based on years of real-world experience. Alex has created a unique de-risking method and scientific approach to stock trading. Today, Alex is an editor at Wealth Daily and is an investment director at Penny Stock Millionaire.

Professional Experience

Academic History

  • The WorldCom stock ignited his enthusiasm for microcap companies and technology investing.
  • His earliest successes include a very risky but ultimately highly lucrative purchase of Worldcom shares as panic sent the stock plummeting to below $1.
  • Alex’s approach has helped build a strong, fast-moving, high-averaging portfolio which handily out-performs any hedge fund in operation today.
  • Before joining the Angel team in the summer of 2014 to launch the microcap-focused Microcap Insider Newsletter, Alex spent 2 years running his own weekly financial blog, which was read by over 100,000 subscribers.