Founding Date

ALEX is the first full-service DeFi platform on Bitcoin via Stacks, that aims to create the first truly permission-less, trustless and decentralized financial service for the people. A one-stop shop DeFi platform modeled on the world’s financial markets, ALEX brings Bitcoin to life—allowing it to grow, benefit society and contribute towards building the financial infrastructure needed to realize Web3. The platform allows borrowing without the risk of liquidation through the use of dynamic collateral rebalancing tools, enabling you to easily lend, earn, and borrow BTC, minimize the risks, and maximize returns with fully decentralized integrated financial solutions. ALEX also features the ALEX Launchpad, a decentralized platform for projects on Stacks to access community funding and the resources of the ecosystem.


  • Projects to launch their tokens

  • Fixed-rate and fixed-term lending and borrowing

  • Decentralized exchange with both AMM (Automated Market Maker) and off chain order-book

  • Deposit tokens to earn interest

  • Exceptional returns via yield farming


  • Launchpad: Liquidity bootstrapping for emerging project token launches

  • Lend/Borrow: Fixed-rate and fixed-term lend/borrow, without risk of liquidation

  • DEX: Decentralized token exchange with AMM and Order-Book

  • Yield: Obtaining high returns through Yield farming