Alex Gurevich

Alex Gurevich

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Alex Gurevich is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of HonTe Investments, a global macro investment firm for institutional investors. Under his leadership, he led HonTe’s macro strategy in 2020 to rank second by net return according to BarclayHedge, and in the top ten of emerging managers in all strategies by Eurekahedge. After earning a PhD, he leveraged his passion for strategic gaming into a lucrative Wall Street career. Gurevich has over 20 years of trading experience—holding various roles on Wall Street that included the launch of fixed income derivative trading franchises at Deutsche Bank, as well as running the macro book as Managing Director in charge of global macro trading at J.P. Morgan. In addition, he is the bestselling author of The Next Perfect Trade & The Trades of March 2020, which articulates his rigorous trade selection and investment process.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • Gurevich transformed his very successful family office into a global macro strategy suitable for institutional investors.

  • He has a deep understanding of how financial markets work and how to identify and capitalize on mispricings.

  • He is the author of two Wall Street Journal bestselling books on investing.

  • In 2003, he was hailed by the Wall Street Journal as a star trader of J.P. Morgan.


  • A highly respected figure in the investment community, Gurevich is known for his disciplined and systematic approach to investing.

  • He uses a combination of quantitative analysis and fundamental research to identify mispriced assets globally.

  • He is also a strong believer in the importance of risk management.


  • In addition to his work as an investor and author, Gurevich is also a frequent speaker at investment conferences and events. 

  • He has been featured in various financial media outlets, including Yahoo! Finance and Bloomberg.

  • He has appeared as a guest on Real Vision multiple times.