Decline of the Roman Empire

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The Decline of the Roman Empire
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The Fall of the Roman Empire, also known as the Fall of Western Rome, has been viewed as the end of the ancient world and the onset of the Middle Ages. What lasted for over a thousand years and representing a sophisticated and adaptive civilization, many believed that many factors contributed to its demise. The combination of decadence, the metal lead in the water supply, monetary trouble, and military problems caused the Fall of Rome, with imperial incompetence also added on the list.

  • Fall of Roman empire began with a debasement of the currency
    •     Used less valuable metals than gold/silver in the currency
  • Previously the Roman empire was on the rise for > 1,000 years
    • Had been expanding territory (war, annexation)
    • Had made lots of money on trade
    • Had strong currency (gold aureus and silver denarius)
    • Good times lasted through may eras:
      • Roman Kingdom (8th century BC start)
      • Roman Republic (6th century BC start)
      • Roman Empire  (1st century BC start)