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Wellington-Altus Private Counsel is a wealth management firm specializing in serving high-net-worth individuals, families, and institutions. The firm provides an independent and agnostic approach to managing wealth. Wellington-Altus utilizes a planning-led approach where they partner with clients in identifying specific goals for your wealth, followed by the design of a road map on how best to achieve these objectives while taking as little risk as possible. The firm is part of the Wellington-Altus Financial Inc. group, which includes the top-rated wealth advisory firm in Canada.


  • Planning-Led Approach. 

Their core principle is understanding your unique goals and risk tolerance before crafting an investment strategy.

  • Independent & Agnostic. 

They prioritize finding the most suitable investments for your needs, regardless of specific products or services they offer.

They focus on controlling risk by investing in high-quality companies, diversifying across asset classes, and employing strategies like dynamic asset allocation.

  • Long-Term Focus.

They advocate for a long-term perspective on investing, aiming to ride out market fluctuations and achieve consistent growth over time.


  • Customized service to ultra-high and high-net-worth private clients, endowments, foundations, and institutional firms.

  • Portfolio design, tactical asset allocation, advanced tax and estate planning, insurance and philanthropy.

  • A private counsel platform powered by leading-edge technology, with portfolios built and managed by portfolio managers who meet high industry standards.

  • Forward thinking solutions that are tailored to clients’ unique situations to bring peace of mind.