TS Lombard

TS Lombard is an independent economic research firm that aims to shape clients’ investment strategies through a full suite of research output and analytical tools. The firm focuses on global integrated macroeconomics and strategy and in-depth country economic analysis for emerging markets. It specializes in sectoral balance analysis, global financial cycle and trends, political analysis, and contemporary monetary analysis.


Global Macro

Global Macro Research Service combines a broad global Macro thematic analysis with deep economic and political insights into the major world economies and markets: the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Political insights are key to the Research process.

China & Global EM

China and Global Emerging Markets Research Service provides the granular, local detail that EM-focussed investors need, with particular emphasis on China. It provides regular detailed, on-the-ground analysis of the most important Emerging Markets.

Global Strategy

Global Strategy Research Service uses a markets lens to explore how political and economic insights will impact markets globally. It provides clients with implications for asset allocation, investment positioning, and portfolio risk management.