Transversal Consulting

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Transversal Consulting utilizes a network of scholars and industry professionals to bring necessary expertise on the particulars that drive regional and global situations in the energy market today. It communicates crucial and complicated concepts to give clients the edge in identifying and approaching opportunities. The firm provides an understanding of the geopolitical issues to best pursue institutional goals with a deep knowledge base and a realist worldview.


Answers & Solutions

Clients access expert insights, guidance, and recommendations specific to their needs. It also provides specialized updates on the geopolitical influence on energy prices, energy demand, business climate, and opportunities.

Reports, Memos, & Analysis

Transversal provides original research and analysis for a client’s critical concerns, with each product tailored to the individual project. Reports and memos range in size, scope, and duration depending on the needs of the project, but each is complete with authoritative insights.

Seminars, Lectures, & Briefings

Each client is offered a customized experience to explore, learn, and understand the key factors impacting its business.

Professional Writing

When clients need to address geopolitical issues externally, Transversal furnishes professional writing. It explains the case for a client’s projects and actions within the client’s own framework.