Trade Speakeasy

Founding Date

Trade Speakeasy is a professional level options trading educational suite for the beginner to the most advanced options trader. Trade Speakeasy offers courses and specific learning rooms which allow users to grow at their own pace and level of experience. Making each options trading education accessible for students from all over the world, the platform teaches options mathematics to help structure and execute precise strategies that can be profitable in each day's unique market dynamics.


  • Trade Speakeasy delivers educational video presentations and live events focusing on options trading strategy and financial security.

  • The platform covers a wide range of strategies for regular income, growing your IRA or trading account, and minimizing loss.

  • The platform covers options trading strategies both in a practical and theoretical level, while building for learners a solid background in technicals, charting, and risk mitigation.


  • The platform helps ease your journey in options, analyizing foundational trade strategies, the options greek, and the fundamental aspects of options entries and exits.

  • The platform takes a deeper dive into the greeks, and rolling strategies for compounding your profits.

  • The platform will take you into the world of time spreads, accessing calendar, diagonal, backration and ratio spreads to allow you to increase your profits on all the previous strategies by finessing the target on each leg of your multi leg options strategies.